“…Grace Kahl as Papagena, whose voice is bright and strong and who is darling opposite Kang.”- Utah Theatre Bloggers

"As the restless Laurie, Grace Kahl was perfectly matched to the role’s requirements, her poised, gleaming soprano effortlessly encompassing the musical and emotional gamut. Ms. Kahl instantly engages our hearts and ears with a radiant rendition of “The World So Wide,” and never lets go. Her journey to self-awareness is the reason for the piece and she never falters in her focused trajectory."- Opera Today

"All my favorite music in The Tender Land belonged to Laurie, and Grace Kahl's voice had a smooth clarity that highlighted the innocence and optimism of the character even in the trickiest passages. Kahl was a breath of fresh air as she strolled onto the stage..."- Schmopera

"Grace Kahl, such a shining, serenely determined Laurie in the previous evening’s The Tender Land, did an about face and put her sterling soprano to good use creating a scrappy, skittish impression as the flighty Kitchen Boy."- Opera Today

“As the comic maid Despina, Grace Kahl possessed a crystalline voice and flawless intonation.”- Cincinnati Enquirer

Kahl delivered a deeply affecting performance and displayed a fresh, lovely soprano all evening.”- Cincinnati Enquirer

“Soprano Grace Kahl, mute until the third section of the piece, was rapturous in her solos, especially when she floated up to a stratospheric note in ‘Dulcissime.’”- Cleveland Classical